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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

the possibly impending 2012 apocalypse

    Walking down the street this afternoon I was treated to the sight of a sign stating that 2012 calendars and diaries were in stock. I’m not particularly sure where it was, but just the sight of those four digits in a line (as opposed to the 20 with a 12 underneath it more commonly favoured by the London Olympic committee) made me reminisce about the 2012 disaster movie and the Mayan apocalyptic prediction on which it was based.
  If memory serves correctly, and people who take witness statements are fairly adamant that it doesn’t, the world had ended three or four times

being proven wrong by wikipedia

  Well apparently the idea that the world will end in 2012 is pseudoscience and a gross mistranslation of Mesoamerican culture according to Wikipedia, which given the academic stylistics of the introduction I am quite prepared to believe. This was going to be a rye article, filled with my dry, hopefully humorous observations. Now however I’m only going to use it to break the silence I’ve maintained for so long.
  You win Wikipedia! 95%, it’s yours. If you were properly moderated you’d be bloody perfect!